Pioneer DJ CDJ-1000MK2 Digital CD deck

SKU: 479808-kc-west

The CDJ-1000MK2 compact disc player is designed for use by DJs providing all the functions and performance required in disco clubs while offering performance, sound quality and functionality superior to any analog player.

  • JOG DIAL: The large 206 mm diameter Jog dial enables better handling than an analog turntable.
  • PITCH BEND: This function changes the music tempo depending on direction of Jog dial rotation and speed of movement.
  • SCRATCH PLAY: In the VINYL mode when the surface of the Jog dial is pressed playback is discon- tinued and then continues according to the direction and speed the dial is rotated. You can also adjust the startup when the Jog dial is touched and released to create new DJ techniques.
  • FRAME SEARCH: Moves the disc from pause position in frame increments (1/75 sec) when the Jog dial is rotated in pause mode.
  • SUPER FAST SEARCH: You can search the disc faster than normal search or track search by holding down a MANUAL SEARCH button or TRACK SEARCH button as you turn the Jog dial.
  • ON JOG DISPLAY: The center of the jog dial displays information regarding disc status, cue point position, sound memory status, Jog dial touch-detection, and VINYL mode.
  • WAVE DISPLAY: This display makes it possible to find the breakpoint between tracks in advance and use it as mix point or end point in the same way as you can on an analog record by checking the position of the needle in the groove.
  • CUE/LOOP MEMORY: This unit can store cue points of each disc in internal memory or on a Multimedia Card (MMC) (sold separately) that can be recalled for each disc.
  • HOT CUE: Provides instant start from any of three pre-selected hot cue points (A, B or C).
  • REVERSE PLAY: Set the DIRECTION switch to its forward position ([REV] position) to play the music backwards.
  • TEMPO CONTROL: 100 mm high-precision slider coupled with a 0.02% increment digital display (within a ±6% range) allows exact control of speed to make tempo adjust- ments easy and accurate.
  • TEMPO CONTROL RANGE: The maximum variable range can be set to four variable ranges: ±6%, ±10%, ±16% and ±100% (WIDE) to facilitate adjustment.
  • TEMPO CONTROL RESET: Resets the tempo to 0% regardless of slider position.
  • MASTER TEMPO: Changes music tempo without changing pitch.
  • BACK CUE: After storing the Cue point in memory, press the CUE button while playing the unit to go back to the Cue point and start over.
  • AUTO CUE: Auto cue automatically locates the songs start point even if it differs from the tracks frame, allowing the player to start instantly at a press of the PLAY button.
  • CUE POINT SAMPLER: The sound from the memorized cue point can be reproduced by one touch, which can be used as the start point check and the sampler.
  • REAL TIME SEAMLESS LOOP: This function simplifies setting and releasing loops. This function lets you set a loop while you are playing a track. A loop can also be set at the end of the track so that the track does not stop. In addition, an ADJUST mode has been added to enable one-touch adjustments to Loop-in and Loop-out points and facilitate loop operation.
  • RELOOP: Allows you to replay a loop any number of times.
  • Press the RELOOP button after releasing loop play to return to the loop start point. Clever use of on and off in combination with the rhythm make it possible to create new sound effects.
  • PLAYING ADDRESS: This bar graph provides a visual representation of track playback progress that enables you to see current playback position just like you can on an analog record by checking needle position. The length of the bar shows current position and a flashing bar provides advance notice of track end.
  • SLOT IN:Discs are loaded directly without opening doors or trays, making track selection that much faster.
  • FADER START: Quick start and back cue can be performed using the fader function on DJ mixers DJM-500, DJM-600, DJM-300 and DJM-3000 (all mixers are sold separately).
  • MULTI READ: CD-R, CD-RW discs can be replayed. (However, due to certain special characteris- tics of some discs, recorders as well as dirty or damaged discs, some discs may not replay properly.)
  • CD TEXT: CD TEXT informations are displayed if the CD includes the CD TEXT information.

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