Traynor Custom Valve 50 Combo Amp with Celestion Speaker

SKU: 480821-kc-west

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The Traynor YCV50Blue 50 Watt 1x12" Combo Amp uses 3 premium Sovtek 12AX7A dual-triode tubes up front to dish out delicious and creamy distortion while a pair of Sovtek EL34s handle the heavy work.

Sophisticated Traynor design provides great flexibility and makes it easy to get world-class clean, crunchy, and overdriven tones.

The Vintage 30 cranks out boutique tone even at very low volume levels, thanks to the amp's master volume.

The lead channel features a dark "British" sound. Auto-matching circuitry maintains bias balance as tubes age, ensuring hum-free performance.

This combined with DC filaments on the preamp tubes makes this Traynor combo amp one of the quietest tube amps ever, even with high gain.

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